Welcome to A Rat's Tail.

A Rat's Tail was created in January 2021, by me (Sarah), mum to 2 beautiful mischiefs of rats.


Having spent a lot of time closely watching my rats and trying to keep them entertained, I quickly learnt that they get easily bored. I began making toys for them that were textured, puzzle based and that enabled foraging. I love challenging myself to make exciting things for them.

I started sharing my creations online, which received a lovely response from fellow rodent owners. So, I decided to create A Rat's Tail! to make these toys accessible to everyone. 

The majority of our items are handmade by me, though I have also partnered with several UK based, reputable and sustainable suppliers, to introduce new and exciting items that promote enrichment and natural behaviour.


A Rat's Tail is passionate about sustainability. Our biggest considerations when sourcing items and materials is safety, enrichment and the environmental impact of our products. Therefore, we have a strong focus on natural, recyclable or biodegradable materials and an extremely limited use of plastic. 

The feedback since launching has been overwhelming and I am so grateful for the support and kind words I have received from so many of you, We have delivered our toys around the world to you and I absolutely love seeing all of your photos and videos of your pets enjoying their items. 

Thank you so much for your support and for joining me on this journey,