The finest, freshest, sustainably sourced, all natural Scottish Salmon Oil, because only the best is good enough.

Made from 100% fresh, ethically and sustainably sourced quality Scottish Salmon. Packed with long and short chain Omega 3 & 6 to deliver a wide range of health benefits to your pets, including:

Strengthening the immune system
Improving joint mobility
Calming dry itchy skin
Supporting cardiovascular health
Aiding cognitive function, vision and hearing
This is a supplement for pets of any age, to be served with the main meal of the day.


Fresh Scottish Salmon Oil, Antioxidants (Natural Tocopherols)

Analytical Constituents:

Fats & Oil 99+%, Ash 0%, Fibre 0%, Protein 0% 

Pure Scottish Salmon Oil - Sustainably Sourced