Image by Tj Holowaychuk


A Rat’s Tail is very committed to being environmentally friendly. 

Some of our efforts include:

  • Focus on biodegradable and natural products. 

  • Sourcing materials and stock only from UK suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint. 

  • Packaging labels are all recycled and eco friendly.

  • Packaging boxes are single wall and recyclable. 

  • Packaging tape and filling is recycled. 

  • Machinery used in manufacturing all handmade items is powered by Octopus Green Energy. 

Ongoing improvements:

We are also going to move towards using recycled fleece. Fleece is generally not eco friendly and is often made from the same materials as single use plastics. This is something that we feel that we can improve on and are now looking in to recycled fleeces. Once our current supply has been sold we will restock with recycled fleece for our hammocks. 

A Rat's Tail has a very transparent sustainability policy and will continue to update on any further developments.

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